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DIT is a multinational organization that has a strong presence and association with multi-level manufacturers and accredited technology business partners in the GCC,USA, and Asia. DIT has been established in 2002 by a team of experienced business, Telecommunication, Multimedia Solution professionals.

DIT is both a developer and provider of complete hardware and software solutions for businesses of varying size and industry. DIT consists of a pool of experts and specialists with over 30 years of professional experience who aim to carry out integrated systems by applying the latest technologies, engineering techniques, and foolproof project management that meet the highest international standards.


To be a benchmark company provider of premiere integrated technology solutions in the whole of Middle East associated with our Strategic partner in Americas and in Asia.


Providing and delivering top quality, high performance integrated technology solutions that exceed our clients' expectations; and a mutually beneficial working atmosphere for our employ- ees, shareholders, partners, and suppliers by upholding trust, respect, and professional work ethics as core values