DIT is both a developer and provider of complete hardware and software solutions for businesses of varying size and industry. DIT consists of a pool of experts and specialists with over 30 years of  more...

Low Current & Multimedia

(Hardware & Software)

Our aim is to give full scope of services in the sphere of investment projects. That’s why our experience in law current system allows good coordination between designers for every system in time. That is very important for designing as everybody agrees with that. We offer high quality and fast realization for the project of our clients. More.

Event Management

(Designing & implementing)

DIT provide the whole aspect of exhibitions, conferences, international conventions and other corporate and private events. Our scope extends from initial planning and conceptualising, stand building, through to technical support, renting equipments , implementing the events More .

Power & Energy

(Residential & Industrial)

our environment is the place we have to take care of and what DIT can provide is power & energy solution integrated with technology for Residential & Industrial . 


(B2B & B2C)

We integrate data from backend systems enabling information exchange across trading partners & We provide the right tools for Buyers which facilitates them to source their desired products easily and cost effectively! . 


is a multinational organization that has a strong presence and association with multi-level manufacturers and accredited technology business partners in the GCC,USA, More.


We provide service-level agreement (SLA) where client guarantee our services are formally defined , Particular aspects of the service - scope, quality, responsibilities - are agreed between us.

After Sales Services

build a long-term relationship with our client is a big aspect of our work by following up , solving problems , and create solutions , DIT is not just one time deal.


we are committed to our clients with quality & trust check our latest project .

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